Regular grooming on a daily basis (e.g. a  thorough brushing and comb through)  takes only 10-15 minutes.  Doing this helps the bonding with your dog first whilst he/she is a puppy and then as an adult; enables you to notice and deal with any cuts, abrasions, lumps and sore spots, ear and teeth problems.  It stops the coat from getting too tangled and matted. It  makes life much easier for the dog and the groomer by having a dog that is used to be being handled and its feet and head brushed and combed, as well as the rest of the body.  I have set out below guidance in hand trimming and preparing an Airedale for exhibition, although this does not stop enthusiastic pet owners from attempting to keep their dogs in shape and you never know progressing on to showing their dogs.   For more information on trimming and grooming equipment click here.    When grooming/trimming for the show ring it is advisable to have a grooming table and also an added advantage is having a mirror big enough to reflect the whole dog.  Seeing your dog's reflection is like seeing what the judge is observing and, surprisingly, viewing your dog in this way does give you a different perception.


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