Over the years we have had the privilege of being 'owned' by some wonderful Airedales, full of character with lovely temperaments, willingness and stubborness.   My knowledge of the breed has enabled me to become a Championship Show judge both in the UK and overseas (Sweden, Australia, Japan, Russia and Finland). The highlight of which must be judging the King of Terriers at  Crufts 2014.  I have had the honour of serving on several committees including the National Airedale Terrier Association (Parent club of the Airedale Terrier) and the South of England Airedale Terrier Club as well as Romford and District Canine Society and instructed at Colchester and District Canine Society on show training/handling.  For many years I was also the European Regional Correspondent for the American Airedale Magazine, published by the American Airedale Terrier Club.

Our first Airedale, Bonny, was our pet more than she was a show dog but she was a great girl to learn from as regards showing, trimming and the indomitable Airedale nature. When we think of  Bonny, for me it is as great fun and always ready for a game and playing the fool; for my other half, she was his worst nightmare on four legs (well maybe not quite). If you have read the article I wrote in  'The Airedale Terrier Annual' (published by Hoflin Press) you will understand his slant on the Airedale/Human relationship (note I put Airedale first!). 

Our son was 18 months old when Bonny joined our family, they played happily together from day-one, she was perfect and put-up with everything that a young toddler puts a puppy through.  However, we were always there so that they learnt to respect each other.  He grew up with Airedales more or less as his  brothers and sisters!

But Airedales are NOT for the faint-hearted, nor are they suitable for everyone. Please do your homework before thinking about getting an Airedale (the Web is a fountain of knowledge). Click here to read more.

During our early years in Airedales, we exhibited with some success and learned a lot about the Airedale its character and temperament. It was not until 'Sea King' came along that we really knew that we had something special and when Dickon hit the show-ring running he and we never looked back. 'King of Scots' followed 'Sea King' and from then on we have been lucky in having a few dominant males as well as some successful females - with our most successful being Athena.  We have had champions and several other  CC and Reserve CC winners.

When you are considering buying a puppy please research the breed and ask to see the parents hip score certificates. The breed average is currently 11 in total, so ideally, you are looking for parents who have a total hip score around this figure or below.  However if the hips are a few points higher I would not disregard the parents if they are an excellent example of the  breed. 

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